Analyze U.S. healthcare delivery systems for identifying key organizational design concepts with regard to program planning and design .

Analyze U.S. healthcare delivery systems for identifying key organizational design concepts with regard to program planning and design .

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:  Analyze U.S. healthcare delivery systems for identifying key organizational design concepts with regard to program planning and design  Recommend programmatic strategies based on ethical guidelines for addressing disparities in community health services  Assess healthcare programs for the extent to which they comply with cultural competence standards in ensuring healthcare equity across diverse populations  Recommend programs that align with strategic objectives for improving the flow of healthcare delivery at the organizational level  Justify resource allocation solutions for various healthcare programs for informing budget decision-making processes  Develop comprehensive logic models that consider collaborative practice within healthcare settings Prompt Using a product such as PowerPoint or Prezi, prepare a presentation that outlines your program proposal. Your presentation should be directed at the organization’s upper management and should include detailed speaker notes or an audio recording. Your presentation must specifically address the following critical elements: I. Introduction: Identify and describe the institution in which the new program would take place. Be sure to include the institution’s name, location, focus (such as hospital or other acute healthcare facility) and any other pertinent demographic identifiers.II. From a management perspective, perform the following assessments for implementation of a program: A. Assess the organizational design for potential program development. B. Assess the community needs in terms of healthcare disparities. C. Assess the organization’s current healthcare programs in terms of the level of cultural competence they exhibit. D. Recommend an appropriate and logical programmatic strategy, based on the results of your assessments. E. How does your recommended programmatic strategy align with ethical guidelines? Be sure to justify your response. III. Design the program by developing a logic model. A. Identify key organizational stakeholders and discuss their relationship to your proposed program. In other words, what role will these stakeholders play with regard to the components of your logic model? B. Create a logic model based on the critical components of a logic model: 1. Resources or inputs: Consider human, financial, organizational, and community resources. 2. Activities: What does the program do with the resources? Activities are the processes, tools, events, technology, and actions that are an intentional part of the program implementation. 3. Outputs: These are short-, medium-, and long-term definitions of outcome criteria. C. Assign appropriate connections and feedback loops for the logic model. IV. Discuss the anticipated outcomes of your program. A. What is your anticipated end result? How do you see the program producing results within your organization? B. How does this program fit into the organization? How does it affect the overall flow of healthcare delivery within the organization? C. What will be the impact of this program on other areas within the organization or community? Why? If you feel there will be no effect on other areas, be sure to explain your reasoning. D. What will be the impact from this program with respect to complying with cultural competence standards? If you feel there will be no effect in this regard, be sure to explain your reasoning. V. Attend to the financial aspects of your program. A. What specific resources would you suggest for use in your program? For example, what staffing and equipment suggestions would you make? Be sure to explain your rationale. B. How will the program fit into the organization’s current budget? In other words, will the program fit into the existing budget, or will concessions need to be made? C. What recommendations would you make for ensuring the program is financially sustainable? VI. Consider the evaluation methods and results for your program. A. What will you measure (such as benchmarks, patient outcomes, or other measurable data) in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the program implementation? B. What tools will you use to measure the effect of your program on reducing the incidence of healthcare disparities? C. How will these C. How will these evaluation tools tell you whether the program is successful? D. To what extent will the program help ensure healthcare equity across diverse populations? Be sure to justify your reasoning. VII. Provide a brief summary of the key points and findings of your program proposal.



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