Charted Institutie for personal development

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addition instructions
•The CPD question, must reflect on your understanding of the concept and why it is important to YOU. Always refer to CIPD website for reading and understanding this concept further.

•Knowledge skills and behaviours must be extracted from your self-assessment of the three professional areas and from the profession map, and must be linked to your current role. There must be knowledge and skills under each area,: for behaviours, you can either identify the relevant behaviours from the HR profession map under each area or mention them overall

•When identifying your development needs, please remember

1.Extract these development needs from the self-assessment report as explained in the class

2.You MUST evaluate your options to meet those needs. That means that even though you may write several options for development, you need to evaluate which ones will be less/more costly, easier, accessible etc. and pick the one that is most suitable.

Assignment part 2

remember please to link your answer to your organization, and your role.

•Three internal customers and two needs for each customer (please remember to write this answer from the customer’s perspective)

•Handling conflicts should be supported by an example to elaborate on how you prioritize and manage it

•when writing communication methods advantages and disadvantages try as much as you can to link it to communicating with your customer

•for the last question. please remember the three parts of the question which are: Effective HR Service delivery : On time and within budget, handling difficult customers, and how you handle customer complaints

For your PDP’s

•Please keep that in a separate document, not as part of your assignment

•Kindly ensure that what you need to learn is extracted from your self assessment report and is linked to your job.

•the options are the development methods

•the resources and support could be funding, support of a manager or a colleague, time etc.

•The success criteria means the impact that will happen on your work when you learn this topic, or the impact that you will make on the organization once you gain this skill.

References & Bibliography

•It is always better to keep this in a separate file as well.

The HR Summary report is all 6 Self-assessment reports merged into one PDF file

One more thing, remember to EXPLAIN the knowledge skills and behaviours, avoid writing brief bullet points. the action verb is explain.

Word document .docx

Font Arial/ TNR

Size 12 / space 1.5

Avoid the use of red

Utilize Heading / title

Include questions number

Separate answers

A mix of narrative , table

Bullet points-charts

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