CIS539 Week 9 And 10 Discussions

CIS539 Week 9 And 10 Discussions


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Week9 Discussion 1

“Cloud-Based Solutions” Please respond to the following:

· From the first e-Activity, describe the cloud-based solution and evaluate the approach that this company used to build and deploy its solution. Provide a link to the company’s Website or article to support your findings.

· From the first e-Activity, determine the design elements that the selected open source cloud-based solution utilized. Judge how well the company included the design elements.

Week9 Discussion 2

“Cloud-Based Applications” Please respond to the following:

· Imagine that you are a CIO and you are looking for solutions to optimize workforce productivity. Your CEO has reported to you that employees are searching for tools to improve their productivity. Propose an enterprise cloud-based solution that will not cost your CEO a single red cent while optimizing employee productivity.

· From the second e-Activity, determine if the major ERP player you selected faces obsolescence from open-source ERP providers. Please support your response.

Week 10 Discussion1

“Application Scalability” Please respond to the following:

· Elasticity is a key characteristic of the cloud computing model. Create a scenario where a company that offers cloud on-demand solutions would benefit from scaling its resources. Determine the types of metrics you would consider when scaling your cloud-based applications.

· Imagine that you work for a company that has already migrated a large portion of its IT infrastructure to the cloud. Determine the type of scenario in which you would recommend back sourcing the company’s operations. Predict the technical complexity this would entail.

Week10 Discussion 2

“The Future of the Cloud” Please respond to the following:

· From the first e-Activity, discuss the future of the cloud in terms of “free services”. Describe what types of cloud services a new organization with minimal funds can use to create an infrastructure with minimal costs. Provide evidence that supports your answer.

· From the second e-Activity, examine two current major technical growth constraints of the cloud. Predict whether these growth constraints will be solved in the near future, or if they will continue to be an issue. If you feel that there will be solutions, predict what these solutions will be. If you feel that these growth constraints will continue to be an issue, analyze why that may be.

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