Define Access In A Way That Can Be Applied Across The U.S. Healthcare System

This final project assignment is associated with the NCF (non-completion failure) grade. Failure to complete this assignment will result in the issuance of a grade of NCF if the course average would result in a failing grade in the course. Students should contact their Academic Counselor or Program Director if they have any questions regarding the NCF grade and its implications.  Access to care seems to be an arbitrary measure depending on multiple variables (i.e. locations, insurance, etc.). As a leader in the field you will need to clarify the definition of access. 


Define access in a way that can be applied across the U.S. healthcare system


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In doing so be sure to include:

  • Discuss access from the perspective of the general public.
  • Discuss access from the perspective of insurance companies, both public and private. 
  • Discuss a minimum of five variables that impact access to care.
  • Discuss strategies to mitigate the five variables identified, as well as how progress may be measured over time

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