Depression: Abnormal Psychology Case Study

 APA style, 3 pages, double-spaced. 

This paper should be narrative format and write about a fictional person (as if it were a story being told from the perspective of the therapist) and the symptoms of the disorder as listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5 (DSM 5).


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Includes two etiological causes, three symptoms, and two forms of treatment for a mental disorder.

Please, number and bold font of these causes, symptoms, and forms of treatment. 


Name of person, age, ethnicity/ethnicities, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, geographic location, ability status (disabled/able-bodied), etc..

Profession, student status, etc..

Personal life: who live with, where, for how long, kids, etc…

Social world: Who are their friends, what are the person’s hobbies, etc…

Family history: parents, siblings, where grew up, how this affected current disorder. Relevant information regarding the level of family functioning and support; family history of psychopathology, alcoholism, abuse, etc…

Past psychological problems, previous therapy, medical problems

Symptoms and how they affect them personally, and how it affects their functioning in the different areas of their life.

What types of behaviors are they exhibiting? What have they done to make their disorder better, if anything?

Finally, pretend that you were to offer recommendations as to what this person should do to treat their problem. What would the goals of therapy be? How would you treat the disorder? Would you recommend individual or group counseling, medication, other treatments?

Please include etiological causes, three symptoms, and two forms of treatment for a mental disorder. Please, number and bold font of these causes, symptoms, and forms of treatment.

I have one example but is not good example


Running head: WRITTEN CASE STUDY 5


Written Case Study

Randy is a 25-year-old male. He is an American of Hispanic descent. Randy works for the Los Angeles Police Department. He has a very demanding and stressful job. He engages in activities and civic duties that can last for hours. Randy also attends college. He is a part-time student at California State University Long Beach. His major is criminal justice and plans on getting his Masters Degree. He became interested in his career after his mother was killed by a drunk driver. Randy has always been a high achiever. He graduated high school with high honors and rewarding scholarships. Throughout college, Randy has always set high standards for himself. He can be very self-critical when failing to meet those standards. His passions are football and going on hikes. But lately, school and work have been a problem. He has felt terribly stressed and finds little time for himself. He worries about losing his job and being a failure. Randy has always been friendly and easygoing. But lately, he avoids conversations and isolates himself from society.

Randy was born and raised in East Los Angeles California. He grew up in a low social class with his parents. Randy is the only child. His relationship with his family became distant after his mother died. Randy’s mother was killed by a drunk driver 4 years ago. His mother was young and hardworking. She was walking across a busy intersection and got hit by a car. He still remembers the horrific scene as the drunk driver ran the red light, and struck his mom from behind. Randy ran to her side but it was to late. No matter how hard he tries to forget, he frequently finds himself reliving the accident. Since the accident, Randy has experienced nightmares. He blames himself for what happened that day. As a child, Randy was more attached to his mother. She supported him and pushed him to go to college. His affection for her grew stronger. On the contrary, his father who was always out of town, had little or no time for him. They hardly talked. He wasn’t attached to him. After his mom passed, Randy moved out and bought his own place. At work he met a beautiful young woman. They married and moved in together. Randy focused on his future. He wanted to have his own family and forget about his problems. This wasn’t easy.

The etiological causes of Randy’s depressive disorder are Psychological and Social dimensions. Psychological because Randy experiences negative thoughts and errors in thinking. He doesn’t forget about his mom’s death and blames himself for what happened. His problems change the way he functions physically. Social because he faces stress at school and work. Randy isolates himself and prefers being alone. Even though people support him, he pushes them away.

Depression has changed Randy physically and emotionally. His past experiences have led to differences in his lifestyle. Randy has encountered various depression symptoms. The first set of depressive symptoms he has faced are

1. Mood Symptoms: Lately, Randy has struggled with feelings of worthlessness and shame due to his inability to perform well as he always did in the past. For the past few weeks Randy has felt unmotivated and finds it difficult to concentrate at work. His coworkers and friends have noticed that Randy is often withdrawn. This is different from his upbeat and friendly personality. Randy shows little enthusiasm in things he liked doing. The second set of symptoms he has faced are

2. Cognitive Symptoms: Randy hasn’t considered suicide but he does wish he was dead. He finds himself dissatisfied with his life. He questions if he has made the right choices in life and wonders if continuing school is worth it. Without his mom, Randy feels empty. He gets frustrated with himself because he feels like he has every reason to be happy. The third set of depressive symptoms he has faced are

3. Behavioral Symptoms: At home, Randy’s wife has noticed changes as well. Randy is usually overwhelmed. He shows little interest in sex and has difficulties sleeping. Randy appears agitated and restless. Randy experiences insomnia and finds it hard to sleep. At times Randy cries for no particular reason. His wife tries her best to comfort him but he pushes her away.

These particular symptoms affect Randy’s lifestyle. He believes that no one can cheer him up and understand his feelings. Randy has many possibilities of succeeding and being who he once was. I understand that symptoms may not completely disappear, but he can improve his way of living through proper treatment. One recommendation I have for Randy is

4. Exercise and Change Your Diet: It is important that Randy participates in moderate daily exercise. His experience with the Police Department will put him back on track. Exercise will help clear his mind and reduce depression. Nutrition is another important factor that can stabilize depressive symptoms. Eating healthy foods can lower anxiety symptoms. Our body needs the proper diet to function. A second recommendation I have for Randy is

5. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: It is ideal for Randy to go out and socialize. Social withdrawal is not the answer to one’s problems. Through therapy, Randy will improve social skills, explore pleasurable events, and facilitate social interactions. The steps involved are: (1) identifying activities you feel comfortable doing. Like Randy mentioned, he likes playing football and going for hikes. (2) Performing these selected activities. Randy needs to play football or go out for walks. This will help gain back pleasure. (3) Work through your problems. It is important that Randy uses behavior skills to deal with problems that bother him. This will change his mood.

Treating the disorder takes time but isn’t hard to do. My goal is to help Randy identify and eliminate his negative patterns and beliefs. He needs new, healthy, and positive beliefs in his life. I highly recommend group counseling for him. Randy needs to communicate with others and socialize like he did in school. Depression is all in our minds. We can work together and treat the disorder.

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