Effects of Plastics to Business assignment

Effects of Plastics to Business assignment

How Business is affected from plastic?


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Topic: How Business is affected from plastic Introduction: should be at least one page At least 3 paragraphs first paragraph is drawing the attention of the reader to the importance of the problem (the problem of using plastic) second paragraph is the thesis statement and explanation of the claims (presenting the claims) third paragraph should include something that connects the reader to the first claim (introducing the first claim) Claims: Claim 1: Why business use plastics and their negative effects How does business benefit from plastic (how is plastic used in food business – technology business – makeup business – water business (Water bottles – straws) and more).Effects of Plastics to Business. How is plastic made (the manufacturing of plastic – how do the companies making plastic making money – how successful companies making or relying plastic) Negative effects of plastic in general and in business specifically Claim 2: The flourishing sector of plastic business What are plastic alternative businesses How are these plastic alternative products or businesses beneficial How are they made? Are they successful? How effective are plastic alternative products in making a change Claim 3: The benefits of plastic alternatives How can we replace plastic in businesses and in the world The benefits of replacing plastic with other alternatives What plastic products can’t be replaced by other alternatives and why The effect of replacing plastic in the world Conclusion recommendations – restating thesis statement – summarizing the text – no new information MLA citation (works cites and in text citation) – no plagiarism – at least 2000 words and maximum 2200 words (without the works cited) – no personal pronouns (only use them if needed in the recommendations) – include diagrams, statistics, table that is properly labeled

Effects of Plastics to Business assignment

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