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Assignment DescriptionFor this project, you will create an annotated bibliography for five sources that you will use in your final research paper. For each source, you will write a summary of the source (the annotated part) followed by the correct MLA citation (the bibliography part). You will analyze the articles for their argument, tone, audience, and purpose, and then write a summary of each article using the templates provided. A summary does not include direct quotes from the original article. In other words, you will rewrite the articles in your own words, including only the main ideas/arguments. Do not plagiarize or borrow someone else’s summary. Alphabetize the sources according to the author’s last name or the first significant word in the title if there is no author. Your annotated bibliography needs to have a hanging indent. There is an example on eCampus. The annotated format includes four sentences. Each sentence contains specific information.Sentence 1: The name and title of the author(s) followed by a properly punctuated title of the work and the publication date. A signal verb (e.g. asserts, argues, claims, illuminates, emphasizes) introduces a “that” clause containing the major thesis or claim of the workSentence 2: An explanation of the kind(s) of reasons, evidence, or support the writer uses to develop his or her thesisSentence 3: A statement of the writer’s purpose followed by an “in order to” phrase describing the author’s desired effect or result for his or her readerSentence 4: A description of the writer’s intended audience (specific group of readers) and an indication of the tone of voice used in the writing (e.g. academic, humorous, ironic, conversational, sarcastic, urgent, straightforward, informative, etc.)EXAMPLES:Rifkin, Jeremy. “A Change of Heart about Animals.” Los Angeles Times, 1 Sept. 2003, Writer and Economist, Jeremy Rifkin in his editorial column, “A Change of Heart about Animals,” published on September 1, 2003, addresses the topic of animal rights and behavior and argues that animals should be treated and viewed with more respect since each individual animal is so closely related to us humans. He constructs this claim by introducing the idea that animals feel the same feelings that humans feel, presenting evidence that proves the animals’ behavior to be like humans, then questioning our perceptions of animal, and challenging his readers to expand our perception and empathy to our fellow creatures. Rifkin’s purpose is to illustrate the way animal behavior is similar to human behavior in order to persuade his audience to reevaluate their perception of animals and more than that, treat them better. He adopts a persuasive, emotional, and unbiased tone for his audience, the readers of the Los Angeles Times and others interested in the topic of human-like animal behavior.Juliano, Stephanie. “Superheroes, Bandits, and Cyber-Nerds: Exploring the History and Contemporary Development of the Vigilante.” Journal of International Commercial Law & Technology, vol. 7, no. 1, 2012, pp. 44-64, Academic Search Complete, In the article “Superheroes, Bandits, and Cyber-nerds: Exploring the History and Contemporary Development of the Vigilante” (2012) author Stephanie Juliano of Touro Law School addresses the topic of vigilantes and argues that though they are illegal for good reason, vigilantes do provide benefits, specifically in corrupt governments and societies. She supports her claim by comparing vigilantes to activist groups, such as New York’s ‘Guardian Angels,’ and then draws connections between vigilantes and revolutionaries, noting the main difference is only the scale on which they work. Juliano appears to write in hopes of clarifying what actions create a vigilante in order to dissipate any common misconceptions of the term. Because of the author’s straightforward tone and reference towards several court cases and legal dictionaries, it is clear she writes for an audience educated in American law.Here are three templates you can refer to when writing your summaries. You will keep the bolded words and fill in the blanks with content from your articles. Choose the appropriate template according to the text and/or author you are summarizing. Additionally, please use appropriate grammatical structure when forming sentences. Use the templates as a guide; mix and match the sentences to fit your purpose. You may even choose different signal verbs; however, do not stray from the basic four-sentence structure. You should be able to summarize each article within this basic structure. These four sentences become the short paragraphs of summary for your annotated bibliographies.Template One: (Author’s credentials) (author’s first and last name)’s (type of text), (“Title of Text”), published in (date/publishing info), addresses the topic of (topic of text) and argues that (argument). S/he supports this claim by _________________, then _________________, and finally _________________. (Author’s last name)’s purpose is to (author’s purpose in writing) in order to (change in reader/society the author wants to achieve). S/he adopts a(n) ___________ tone for his/her audience, the readers of (name of publication) and others interested in the topic of _____________________.Template Two:  In the (type of text), (“Title of Text” (year)), author (author’s first and last name), (author’s credentials), asserts that (argument) and suggests (explanation of sub-claims or resolutions). S/he backs up this claim by doing the following: first, s/he _______________; next, s/he ________________; finally, s/he ________________. (Author’s last name) appears to write in hopes of (author’s purpose in writing) in order to (change in reader/society the author wants to achieve). Because of the author’s _____________ tone, it is clear that s/he writes for a ____________ and ______________ audience.Template Three: In his/her (type of text) (“Title of Text” (year)), (author’s credentials) (author’s first and last name) asserts that (argument) by addressing _______________, _________________, and ________________. By supplying the reader with information about _________________ and _____________, (author’s last name) builds his/her claims about ___________________. (Author’s last name) wishes to convey to the readers the importance of (author’s purpose in writing) in order to (change in reader/society the author wants to achieve). The author’s audience consists of those interested in ______________ as is evident through his/her reference to ______________ and ______________; s/he addresses readers with a tone that is ______________ and _____________.Minimum RequirementsLength: 150-200 words per entry (four sentences) Style: Essay needs to conform to MLA standards, including double spacing in Times New Roman font, and must include a Works Cited entry following each source. Sources: Five sources minimum: three peer reviewed academic articles from a database and two credible sources of your choice (newspapers, organizations, government websites, books, etc.). One of your sources must be a counterargument of your view.IF YOU DO NOT MEET THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS, YOU CANNOT EARN HIGHER THAN A 60%.Due Dates/Points PossibleWorth: 100 points; 10% of your total gradePeer Review: Post to the Group Discussion Board, see syllabus for dateFinal Draft: Safe Assign on eCampus, see syllabus for datePurpose and Learning ObjectivesThe purpose of this assignment is to prepare you for the final argument research paper. You will integrate all five of these sources in your final argument research paper and include their Works Cited entries on your final essay.Your annotated bibliography will demonstrate the following learning objectives: Demonstrate the ability to use the library databases Research and evaluate relevant academic sources Research and evaluate popular sources for credibility and relevance Summarize and paraphrase correctly Apply the standards of MLA to avoid plagiarism Create documents in MLA style Create an annotated bibliography Apply formal, academic English in writingProcess of Completion Using your working thesis and research questions as a guide, begin research by doing a Google Scholar search over your topic. Instead of choosing any website as a source, look for articles on credible sites like newspapers or government sites. See the PPT “Source Credibility” for more help with deciding whether a website is credible. After you have found a few credible web sources, begin research using the Richland library databases. Academic Search Complete is the best database to begin your research. Find a minimum of THREE academic sources. See the PPT “Using the Richland Library” on eCampus for more help. Before you finish researching, be sure you have at least ONE source that you disagree with in order to include a counterargument in your essay. In your Writer’s Notebook, annotate the five sources you want to use in your essay. Take careful notes over the author’s claim and purpose. Respond in your notebook. Do you agree, disagree, or have mixed feelings? Using the templates above, write your summaries in FOUR sentences ONLY. Each source can be summarized in four sentences. Next, create the Works Cited entries for your summaries. Academic Search Complete has the MLA citation listed or you can use Noodle Tools or Easybib to help with citation. See the PPT “MLA Works Cited” or visit Purdue OWL for more help. Put your bibliography away for twenty-four hours before revising it for grammar and punctuation mistakes. Visit the English Corner for more help with revision. Come to all peer reviews and turn in all drafts. Review carefully your peers’ comments and then mine. Edit and revise your essays based on the feedback you receive. Review your Safe Assign report for plagiarism BEFORE turning in your final draft! Reread your essay one last time and make any final edits or changes before turning in your final!PlagiarismPlagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism includes failing to cite a direct quote with quotation marks and an in-text citation, borrowing someone else’s work without a correct citation, bad paraphrasing (Safe Assign will not identify a good or fair paraphrase), purchasing a paper, having someone else write your essay, or turning in the same paper to two different classes. Any paper with plagiarism, even accidental (I forgot to cite that!), will receive a zero as a final grade. The best way to avoid plagiarism is to cite correctly. See both MLA citation PPTs on eCampus or visit Purdue OWL for more help.Please submit a final draft by 11:59pm that is free of plagiarism. In other words, you have correctly cited all exact quotes, paraphrases, and summaries. Plagiarism includes failing to cite a direct quote with quotation marks and an in-text citation, borrowing someone else’s work without a correct citation, bad paraphrasing (Safe Assign will not identify a good or fair paraphrase), or turning in the same paper to two different classes.You may ONLY submit your paper in the following formats: .doc or .docxSafe Assign will not accept any other format.


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