Goldberg, S. M., Krüsi, A., Zhang, E., Chettiar, J. & Shannon, K. (2017). Structural Determinants of Health among Im/Migrants in the Indoor Sex Industry: Experiences of Workers and Managers/Owners in Metropolitan Vancouver. PLoS ONE, 12(1): e0170642. Retrieved from
a. Write a 3-2-1 report using the form provided on the course web site.
b. Broadly speaking, intersectionality is the idea that the life experience of someone who is female AND an immigrant AND a sex worker faces a unique life situation that is more than just the sum of being female, OR an immigrant, OR a sex worker.  Based on what you have read in the article, briefly explain how access to health care for female, immigrant sex workers might be different than that for female immigrants who are not sex workers and female sex workers who are not immigrants (that is, who are native speakers of English and grew up nearby).



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The post explain-how-access-to-health-care-for-female-immigrant-sex-workers-might-be-different-than-that-for-female-immigrants-who-are-not-sex-workers-and-female-sex-workers-who-are-not-immigrants appeared first on Agessays.

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