Fort Mims Massacre

The paper should make extensive use of primary historical sources to answer a research question or address an explicit research topic that has been pre-approved, and should conform to the following guidelines:1.Papers should be 15-20 pages long, not counting bibliography or figures/tables (all of which should be appended to the end.2.Papers should be written in the Chicago Manual of Style notes/bibliography format, including footnotes (not endnotes) and a full bibliography.3.Citations of all sources should be thorough and abundant, whether quoting a source or not, and should include page numbers unless the entire source is cited in its entirety.4.Direct quotations of primary sources should only be used where original language is very important; otherwise, simply paraphrase information gleaned from the source.5.A minimum of 20 sources of all types must be cited(and all sources listed must be cited in-text at least once).6.At least 50% if the sources must be primary historical sources (which is not limited just to manuscript documents, but also may include published transcriptions and translations).7.Secondary historical sources as well as archaeological sources are perfectly appropriate, and indeed recommended in order to place the primary source analysis in broader context.

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