Informatics project topic : Automated/wireless vital sign documentation


The purpose of this project is to examine the
impact of nursing informatics on a selected workplace process. You will
identify a process for improvement, examine evidence to support your process,
create a workflow map and develop a policy for potential implementation.Identify a process that could be enhanced using nursing informatics.


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Part 1: Examine and identify
research that supports your process. Discuss
the impact of informatics on your selected process. Use resources and research
to support your response.

2 – 3 research articles focused on selected process for improvement.

Part 2: Examine and identify
legal/ethical issues related to your topic. Summarize a research article
focused on selected process for improvement. Summarize an article that relates to an informatics topic in
health care. Discuss an existing or potential ethical/legal issue related to
the topic. Support the paper with the code of ethics/existing laws, rules or
regulations. Examine how this issue relates to your practice and propose
actions for nurses to assist with maintaining information security.

Part 3: Critique the use of technology to support evidence based care
delivery related to your process. Develop a policy based on your research.

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