Labor Movement of the 1930s


Topic: Labor Movement of the 1930s Your paper should examine the protest movement thoroughly. Your submission must contain a clear thesis statement about the protest (such as the nature of protest, society’s reaction to protest, outcomes of protest, etc.). Use evidence—e.g. scholarly sources—to support your thesis statement and conclusion. You must incorporate a minimum of 6 credible, scholarly secondary sources (beyond encyclopedias and biographies, etc.) beyond the text or other course materials. At least two of which should be peer-reviewed journal articles. Be sure to consider: The discontent that inspired the movement in the first place. The main goals and objectives of the movement. Important individuals and leaders who were involved. How those objectives were achieved or not achieved and the legacy of the movement itself. The global connections of the protest movement. Were individuals inspired by world personalities or movements? What can this protest movement tell us about American history and its people? The 4 of the 6 scholarly sources will be provided in PDF form. Please add 2 more scholarly articles in cited in APA format.


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