Learning About Jobs In Staffing (Job Description)

Learning About Jobs In Staffing (Job Desription)



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Question one

The organization on focus is Keepon Trucking Company (KTC).The company deals with the manufacturing of trucks that are custom built. It is not out there to manufacture any specific line of trucks, models or styles. However, it does the building of trucks according to the specifications that a particular customer has. The primary purposes of these trucks they produce are removing snow, hauling logs as well as hauling military cargo. Some time back approximately a year ago this organization received a larger order than it was handling before that required at least three years to be completed. Therefore they needed to recruit 100 new assemblers. For this reason the HR department that is charged with the responsibility of getting the best person who will carry out the staffing process .this is the person who will be charged with the responsibility of filing l up the 100 new vacancies that were required. Applications were sent to the HR and a thorough scrutiny was done to these applications in order for the organization to be able to hire the most qualified individual among the applicants. This is the person whose function is staffing.

Question 2

The staffing personnel that I choose to study are the staffing specialist. I choose this job position to study since this is the person the company needs. The company wants someone who will be responsible with taking complete and accurate job orders and goes ahead to identify assignments of these applicants to the specific job they are required to do. The organization needs 100 new employees the staffing specialist is therefore the best person to be given the responsibility of choosing the best candidate to pick among all the applicants for those 100 positions. This job position is the one the HR department in the company needs to advertise and fill up since through the staffing specialist then the organization will be sure of recruiting the most appropriate applicant. I also choose this position since it is very important in all organization. Every organization needs someone who has specialized in the issue of staffing. Staffing specialist has all the knowledge that is required to field the best candidate for any position that is required within any organization. Therefore I deem the staffing specialist position the most necessary within Keepon Trucking Company.

Question 3

The staffing specialist has various functions such as the identification of  the most qualified applicants from a given list of applicants, carrying out screening interviews on these applicants, actual administering of tests, counter checking the references provided by applicants and carrying out an evaluation on the qualifications of the applicant. The staffing specialist is also the one who is responsible for hiring qualified applicants and at the same time establishes the appropriate pay rates which is on the basis of the skills, abilities and experience the applicants have.They are also the ones who are responsible for making advertisements of the job giving a full description of the job being offered, the terms and conditions of the assignment, the pay rate and benefits.

There are various things that are required for the staffing specialist job. This include a high school diploma or basically a general education degree. The position also requires someone who has almost three months of experience that is related to the job or training in the same. They should also be able to read and interpret documents such as procedure manuals, instructions for maintenance and operating. They should also be able to write reports and correspondence. They should have mathematics skills, like computing rates, percent and ration. The individual should also have a reasoning ability such that they have a common sense understanding.

Question 4

The staffing specialist has several intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for those employed in the position.one of the things required in the job is working while seated ,using hands and fingers being able to feel talk and hear. This is advantageous to those in the position since it is not strenuous one can easily carry out their duties while seated as opposed to the jobs that require one to stand up throughout while they are working.

Another reward is the ability of being a supervisor. Thestaffingspecialist has a supervisory responsibility whereby they will be required to supervise the employees, monitoringhow they are carrying out the assignments which are given to them and at the same time address any problems that the employees might be facing. This is very important to any individual in a job position since they will have  a sense of responsibility .this in the long run will boost their morale as they are working and thus lead to a better job performance.

Question 5

There are various unique characteristics that I did not expect to be part of the job description of a staffing specialist. For instance I did not expect them to be given a supervisory role. I just expected their role to end with finding the appropriate candidate for a particular job. I did not expect their mandate to extend to supervising the employees in their job. I also did not expect the staffing specialist to have to do with anything that pertains to the payments of the employees, Imean anything pertaining to payments should be under the finance department of the organization, therefore, I did not expect the staffing specialist to be calculating the pay rates of employees and even their bonuses. The other thing I did not expect to be part of their responsibility is do the processing of payrolls of employees. This is also another responsibility of the finance department.



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