My Trip to Africa lessons detailed discussion

My Trip to Africa

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Since I was young I have never thought that getting food was such a big deal until I took a trip to Africa. It was one evening as I was watching television that my dad came home and broke the news to us “guys I have just been posted to Africa and guess what we are all going together”. When he said that, the first thing that ran through my mind was how I am going to survive in the Dark Continent? As this is what I had so many people describe it to be.

After two weeks of preparation my dad, mum, my little brother and I left the house for the airport on a wet Monday morning, once at the airport we checked in and waited for our flight after an hour or so we boarded the plane and began our journey to Africa. The flight took about eight hours but finally we arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, when we disembarked from the plane the first thing that I set my eyes on was the sight of a very clean and beautiful houses that I was left wondering if I was really in Africa.

We checked out for the airport and headed to our hotel within the central business district, the hotel was not different from the ones back home as all the facilities were all available, to my surprise I was even able to access the internet something that I had not imagined as possible. After several days my dad left for his place of work on the northern part of Kenya and the rest of us were left behind.

Two weeks later my dad came back and I volunteered to accompany him back, this is the decision that helped me change my mind and not take getting food for granted. The north eastern province of Kenya is very dry thus the region is not conducive for farming, the people around there rely on animals such as camels to provide milk, meat as well as transport there are also a few goats and cattle.

Unfortunately at the time that I visited the region, Kenya was facing its worse drought ever animals including the ones considered to be adapted to the harsh climate such as the camels were dying. That is when I saw children who were hunger stricken; they were so thin that I felt like crying some had to be given liquid food as they had gone for days without food and giving them solid food would have effects on them.

The children were so emaciated that walking was not possible, they had to be carried or pushed around in wheel chairs, the thought that the children were in that condition because of lack of food really changed my perspective about food. Since that day every time I see food placed on the table I don’t take it for granted the way I used to do. This is because I realized that there is somebody somewhere going hungry as they cannot be able to have a meal.



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