(1) How do you develop a culture of continuous change? -Please make sure discussion is at least 250-300 words with citations. (2) To be successful as a population health manager, what strategies does a healthcare system need in place? Consider the increasing patient volume and potential increase of high-risk patients entering the health care delivery system. -Please make sure discussion is at least 250-300 words with citations. (3)The age of Big Data is allowing for robust predictive modeling that can influence a variety of cost and quality improvement factors. Discuss the challenges of implementing and utilizing predictive modeling and the financial benefits that it offers. –Please make sure discussion is at least 250-300 words with citations. (4)As high-deductible health plans gain popularity, it becomes crucial for providers to collect patient obligations to be financially viable. Discuss two techniques that can improve revenue capture for providers. -Please make sure discussion is at least 250-300 words with citations.

What are the major components parts of preparedness and which areas do find to be the most challenging from a planning perspective and why?

1 National Incident Management System (NIMS) chapters 1 & 3 NIMS-2008 Click for more options 2. Canton: chapter 1. 3. Michigan State University: CIP Review this information.


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Graded Discussion #4: Do you think that crimes should be distinguished by the motivations of the perpetrator? For example, in a murder, is hate a more heinous motivation than revenge, greed, or anger – why or why not? Should someone who kills a stranger be punished more severely than someone who kills a spouse or a child – why or why not and by how much? What criminal motivations should be punished most severely and how do we guarantee that the motivation of a perpetrator was in fact their real motivation? Discuss one or all questions in your response (200 words minimum)

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