POPULATION-BASED NURSING A Risk Reduction Seminar, 2 pages

A Risk Reduction Seminar



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• Differentiate between prevention and promotion
• Describe the challenges of prevention in population-based nursing
• Describe the challenges of promotion in population-based nursing

Assignment Overview

In this assignment, you will develop an educational activity that targets reduction of a specific health risk.


1. A two-page educational activity plan

a. Type 2 diabetes mellitus is the selected health risk teaching topic.

b. Research the ways to reduce type 2 diabetes mellitus risk.

Using nursing texts, medical resources, nursing journals, and reputable Internet sources, create a list of lifestyle habits and changes that reduce this health risk and promote health.

c. Develop an educational activity focused on reducing this health risk.

Using the nursing process as a guide, develop an educational activity focused on strategies to reduce a specific health risk. Be sure to discuss challenges uniquely associated with promoting health and preventing disease related to type 2 diabetes mellitus risk. While all steps of the nursing process must be addressed, the primary focus of this assignment is the ”planning” step. Support your plan with resources/citations.

d. Describe the plan.

Create a document that describes the plan for the educational activity as follows:

• Assessment
o Health risk- type 2 diabetes mellitus

• Diagnosis
o Knowledge deficit related to type 2 diabetes mellitus

• Planning
o Title of educational program (based on your assessment and diagnosis)
o Target audience: (for example, patients/families or nurses)
o Learning outcomes (the goals of the educational program)
o Teaching strategies (for example, discussion, lecture, video clips, Q & A)
o The educational activity (a plan)

• Implementation
o The educational activity (propose when/where /how long, but do not carry out the activity).

• Evaluation
o How you will assess the extent to which the learning outcomes were met

• Resources
o A list of resources/citations that substantiate the health risk and support your educational activity plan

Grading Rubric

Please refer to the rubric below for the grading criteria for this assignment.

Points Awarded x Multiplier=
Total Points
CRITERIA Excellent (4) Weighting Points Awarded
(0-4) Multiplier Total Points

*Clear language
*Information is accurate and thorough
*Sufficient and accurate supporting information
* Main idea is clearly stated

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