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Jefferson served as a stabilizing factor for the United States. His leadership style was thought of by many Americans to be inspiring and nationalistic in nature. As such, his administration would mark what would be a period of healing and reconciliation for a country which had been divided. Jefferson primarily hinged his leadership style on the philosophical standing that new leadership was pertinent to not only the development but also the healing of the nation. As such, his administration was known by the adage of the era of good feeling. The term Jeffersonian era refers to the period between the years 1800 and 1824. This was a period when the United States was led by a series of republican leaders who were inspired by Jefferson. This two decade period basically saw the United States return to an era of a one party state.

However, the Jeffersonian era was also marked with controversy. Some of the effects of these controversies are still evident in the political systems in the United States today. An example of a major controversy that rocked this period was the corrupt bargain. This bargain saw John Quincy Adams being elected president of the united states by the house of representatives at the behest of Clay who was the speaker of the house back at the time. In return for this huge favor John Quincy Adams would appoint Clay as his secretary of state. This corrupt bargain was frowned upon by the American public and pointed at glaring holes in the one party system.

The growth of the American market and the changes in the structure of the home saw a reduction in the prominence of the notion of republican motherhood. This was a notion which had relegated the role of women to strictly household chores. This notion served to lock women out of formal employment opportunities and sentence them to a lifetime of housekeeping. However, the growth of the American market saw an unprecedented increase in employment opportunities and the demand for more employees. As such, women would take up these opportunities and slowly rise above the stereotypical notions of republican motherhood.

The transportation revolution is also a major keynote event of the Jeffersonian era. It is important to note that a large portion of the economic capability of the United States back at the time was being held back by the poor transportation system. The systems in place were inadequate to serve the ever growing market. The transportation in place can be described as being slow, unreliable and disproportionately expensive for the American people. From the year 1815 through to the year 1840 the country would engage in the construction of more adequate and suitable transportation systems. These included a national road system and culminated in the construction of the railroad system which was a huge boost for industries as well as large scale manufacturers all over the country. The national road system was quite expansive covering the region from Maryland to the Ohio River. This saw the opening up of the interior of the United States and facilitated commerce.

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