Sea Ice Loss and It’s Implications on Canada’s Coastal Regions

Must create a report describing your feature, how it responds (or is expected to respond) to climate change, and the implications for Canadian communities.

Report must include:
1. An appropriate and engaging title: To captivate the reader and engage their curiosity;
2. Introduction and purpose: Provide the reader with a general introduction to the topic and describes the significance of the report/feature;
3. Description of physical feature: A detailed description of the physical feature including its geographical distribution and its function (environmentally, ecologically, socially, politically etc.)
4. Response to climate change: A comprehensive discussion of how the feature is changing (or expected to change) in response to recent climate change;
5. Impacts on Canadian communities: A discussion and evaluation of the impacts (and/or potential future impacts) of the physical feature changing for Canadian communities;
6. References: In-text citations and a complete list of references in correct APA format.


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Purpose of the assignment is to assess connections between physical features, environmental change, and society.

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