(Solved) : Please Help Program Hopefully Post Code Copy Thank Include Include Include Defines Define Q37178460 . . .

Please help me with this program and hopefully post a code thati can copy. Thank you.

// Some defines
#define NAME_MAX 64
#define BUFFER_MAX 256


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// User instructions
const char *info[] = {
“Enter a command:”,
” ? – print this list of commands”,
” r – read monster database (binary file)”,
” w – write monster database (binary file)”,
” d – display monsters”,
” n – sort monsters by name (ascending)”,
” h – sort monsters by hitpoints (descending)”,
” q – quit”,
const int N_INFO = 9;

// Structs

typedef struct Weapon_struct {
char name[NAME_MAX];
int damageModifier;
} Weapon;

typedef struct Stats_struct {
int agility;
int toughness;
int hitpoints;
} Stats;

typedef struct Monster_struct {
char name[NAME_MAX];
Stats stats;
Weapon weapon;
} Monster;

typedef struct MonsterList_struct {
int size;
Monster *list;
} MonsterList;

// Function prototypes

void printInfo();
void displayMonster(Monster *m);
void displayMonsters(MonsterList *monsters);
int swapNeededName(Monster *a, Monster *b);
int swapNeededHitPoints(Monster *a, Monster *b);
void sortMonsters(MonsterList *monsters, char sortType);
void readDb(MonsterList *monsters, char *fileName);
void writeDb(MonsterList *monsters, char *fileName);

// Main Program

int main() {
MonsterList monsters = {0, NULL};
char fileName[BUFFER_MAX];
char userIn[BUFFER_MAX];
char cmd;


int done = 0;
while (!done) {
printf(“n> “);
scanf(“%s”, userIn);
cmd = userIn[0];

switch (cmd) {
// TODO (1): ‘?’ command
// TODO (2): ‘r’ command
// TODO (3): ‘w’ command
// TODO (4): ‘d’ command
// TODO (5): ‘n’ command
// TODO (6): ‘h’ command
// TODO (7): ‘q’ command

printf(“Unknown command `%c`”, cmd);
return 0;

// Function implementations

// TODO (8): void printInfo();
// TODO (9): void displayMonster(Monster *m);
// TODO (10): void displayMonsters(MonsterList *monsters);
// TODO (11): int swapNeededName(Monster *a, Monster *b);
// TODO (12): int swapNeededHitPoints(Monster *a, Monster*b);
// TODO (13): void sortMonsters(MonsterList *monsters, charsortType);
// TODO (14): void readDb(MonsterList *monsters, char*fileName);
// TODO (15): void writeDb(MonsterList *monsters, char*fileName);


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