Strategic Planning Report

Qualitative Market Evaluation and Country Selection

This Part is a qualitative environmental analysis of South Korea and Qatar, the top two countries identified in our global opportunity assessment. We will determine the most promising foreign market for entry by more clearly assessing the opportunities and threats present in these two markets.  We will evaluate and compare the economic, consumer, and social trends. We will also compare political and legal trends, infrastructure and technology trends, and finally the competitive environment in both South Korea and Qatar and identify the most promising market to enter.  (this content is for reference only)


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Competitive Environment

It is meant to be a meaningful in-depth analysis of the country with respect to the product or service you want to sell or source.  Anyone can look up basic country data online – what does it mean for your proposed project?

1.      South Korea

  1. Barriers to entry
    1. Direct competitors
    1. Potential entrants
    1. Substitute products

2.      Qatar

  1. Barriers to entry
    1. Direct competitors
    1. Potential entrants
    1. Substitute products

The underlying questions that should have been answered through the analysis of the above two countries are: 

  • Why does this market provide the best strategic fit with your organization and product/service? 
  • What makes it an attractive market?
  • What factors rule out some markets?
  • Why does this market provide the best potential for success?

Requirement: – MS word doc – 12pt, 1.5 spacing (at least 2-3 pages).

  • Explain competitive environment for the above two countries.
  • Cite all the references
  • No plagiarism and request for quality work.

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