Students with Diverse Learning Needs

Learning Methods/ needs

            It is always known that every student comes with their own individual package and not two pupils learn the same way despite the fact that they are taught with the same curriculum. Naseem International School being an international school accommodates students from different cultures and backgrounds who may have different needs .This paper will therefore look at how teachers can plan for and assess the individual needs of students with whom they work. It will further identify and discuss strategies which promote and enhance the learning of students who have different educational needs (Project Ideal, 2008).


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As a teacher it is a requirement for me to critically asses the pupils in my class since they are not all the same in terms of their abilities. This assessment can be done through criteria the table below shows some tasks some criteria that I used to distinguish between a high attained and a low attainer in my class

Highest attainer: (Student A)






Identify your criteria:

•      Prepared a quiz for the class

•      Gave the quiz to the class

•      Student A took the shortest time and scored the highest points


Lowest attainer: (Student B)








Identify your criteria:

•      Prepared a quiz for the class

•      Gave the quiz to the class

•      Student A took the shortest time and scored the highest points



This simple criterion shows that student A is the highest attainer while B is the lowest attainer.Through simple observation from the test I conducted helped me in making this conclusion. There are various issues that emerge when it comes to planning work for students with differing abilities this include the fact that as a teacher I should first find out what specific need each child has..another issue that might come up is the fact that the child might feel bad when they know they are to be treated in a special way hence as a teacher I should make sure that when planning for their work the child should not feel out of place or awkward in any way. Therefore the planning for work should be done carefully so that no child in the class might feel superior or inferior in any way. As an English teacher in this school and dealing with children 11years of age, who have various needs I should ensure that I strive to create a wide variety of avenues when teaching so that they can the pupils with different abilities; strengths and needs are all considered in the learning process. As a teacher I should therefore ensure that the students will acquire the information they present to them, process it, make sense the information and at the same time develop materials that they use to teach and asses them that will ensure that all the students in the classrooms learn effectively without putting into consideration their different abilities. There are various strategies that I can use that will help me plan for the work of the two students this are listed in the table below


Strategies Student A Student B
One: There can be planning of an oral presentation by the child so that he can help other children in the class understand more on what I have taught The use of images like drawings, making of posters, video recording that will enhance remembering of the work
Two: I can plan for charts that include mind mapping that will help the child The use of numbers in planning for work such as use of a number line or cards with numbers printed for building sentences
Three: When it comes to scribing I can pair this student with another one so that they can help each other There can also be planning for scribing for instance dictation
Four: I can set up groups where this student can be a group leader as they undertake tasks with the rest of the group members There can be inclusion of symbols to enhance the child’s visual ability this include symbol cards
Five: I can also give this student a specific role in a role play to enhance his understanding on a particular subject matter There can be use of sorting and labeling for instance the matching of labels to already prepared pictures or diagrams.


By task:

This can be achieved through the creation of worksheets involve easier tasks at the beginning and they progressively get difficult and hence only able students tackle them as they easily raced over the earlier questions

By outcome:

This can be done through the issuing of a similar set of questions to all students and hence differentiation is achieved through the ability of the students to answer the questions and hence different outcomes



From Task to Outcome:

This can be done through the designing of a worksheet that has tasks that are similar in terms of their difficulty from the beginning to the end such that the differentiation is achieved by looking at how the student go through the worksheet and hence different outcomes are got

From Outcome to Task

This is done by designing questions that are not similar in complexity the first questions are easy and they become tough as one goes through them hence only able students answer all the questions including the tough ones.

Differential technique is quite vital for students in any education system, when it comes to differentiation by outcome the tasks are usually designed in such a way that they are open ended so that the students are able to make something from their personal response since it might be that the teacher has not thoroughly thought through what they are doing but just set up a task with no strategy behind it.

When it comes to differentiation by task, tasks are given cover the main content and are made for a range of students in the classroom and there should be a consideration of the starting point as more able students can be given a head start.

Positive attitude to school ü         Negative attitude to school  
Positive attitude to teacher     ü     Negative attitude to teacher  
Positive attitude to learning activity ü         Negative attitude to learning activity  
Positive attitude to learning outcomes       ü   Negative attitude to learning outcomes







I will create a positive and open atmosphere in the classroom


I will also assign tasks that are not too difficult  to ensure the success of the students


I will also ensure that the students find the materials that I use valuable





I will also ensure that I give frequent positive feedback that are in support of the beliefs that students have on doing well


I will also help the student know that they are important and valued when it comes to the learning community in general,



From my background studies and what I have learnt this week it shows that the differential system is the most effective system to be used in learning methods. The particular outcome can be attributed to the fact that there is use of the differential system of assessment and hence this student is comfortable in the class and is responsive to the learning activity that is being usedThe students should hence be put central in the teaching and learning process this ensures that each student is taught in a manner that is specific to their own particular needs that have been identified



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