Understanding children learning to read and write.

Playing is the work of children; through playing and interacting children learn their speech, listening, reading and writing. Learning to read and write was an exciting adventure to me as a young child. This adventure typically begins in infancy and last throughout life. The foundation of reading and writing was laid when I began learning that books are meant to be read and not to be chewed and that words and pictures are different. I went through different stages when I was learning to read and write in my childhood.

The first stage was the exploring stage. During this stage my favorite activities were tasting,touching, and sometimes tearing were what I did when I was discovering books. Though my parents did not enjoy all these I had the opportunity of exploring written material.my parents bought me toddler books that were made of hard cardboard hence difficult for me to tear them. The second stage was repetition and anticipation. When I grew older I began copying my siblings and parents by pretending to read. I frequently asked my parents to read a book repeatedly since I anticipated the chain of events. Thisrepetition also made me develop an understanding of how the events were connected.as I discovered that stories have a beginning, middle and end I learned to memorize these stories and retell them accurately. During the third stage I began understanding that the pictures and words in the books serve different purposes. I then understood that the words written are symbols of the thoughts and ideas.at the fourth stage I learned to identify and match words (Lesia,Pg 2).Despite the fact that I did not understand the meaning of the particular sentences or words I could run my fingers along the sentences pointing to individual words in the book. Following with my fingers helped me to learn that words are found within sentences from left to right and they are placed in a particular order. Pre-school teachers used to make patterns with objects like buttons, colored cubes and beads. Puttingthese things in order helped me understandsequences. Another exercise that made me understand that letters have to be written in a particular order was playing matching games. This also helped in discovering that letters have to go in a particular order.


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The final stage was focusing on the meaning in this final stage; I began focusing on the meaning of the words. I used to stop a story repeatedly asking what was said. I began recognizing simple words from my favorite books in other places or reading materials. For instance I used to be fascinated whenever I saw the word STOP on a corner stop sign. When I began writing as a child I used to focus on the details of words that had been written.my parents allowed be to write with colored chalk on basement floors or sidewalks.(Lesia, Pg3). I know this sound like something many parents are opposed to since it might cause the house to look dirty. I can say that this really helped me since I used to practice a lot by writing in these places.my parents also bought me gifts such as crossword puzzle books,pencils,stationery  and pens. This made me excited and made me want to continue learning to write.

By the time I was leaving preschool years to join kindergarten I had learned so many things about language.i had watched,listened and had interactions with adults as well as other children.

Therefore the first step in learning to write and write in childhood is learning to listen and speak. This is what is used to develop reading and writing skills.


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