Writing a Review of an Exhibition

Your assignment is to write a review of an exhibition.

The review should be two to three pages long, double spaced.


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The first paragraph or two should provide a broad introduction to the exhibition. Briefly inform the reader of the subject- the artists displayed, the time period and subject matter covered. You should assume the reader is a non-specialist- think of this as a paper that might appear in a newspaper. This is your chance to write as an art critic: as such your personal opinion is involved, but be aware that criticism demands that you analyze the works and defend your responses with solid evidence.

The review should include:




A description tells the reader what something looks like: A description in a review tells us how big the exhibition is, how the works are displayed (for example are the pieces crowded together or displayed with plenty of space, brightly lit or in dim light), and it tells us what some of the works look like. (You need not review every piece in the show). Consider the installation, are there explanatory text panels- if so what do they contribute. Provide any necessary background information about the artists here.

An analysis tells readers how some aspects of the exhibition work, how they interact (so if there are several artists- are they arranged by artist- do the works share themes or “speak” to others in the show), and what all parts of the exhibition add up to. You may choose to pick out a few works that you consider particularly strong or interesting. You might also examine any weaknesses.

An evaluation tells readers whether the exhibition was worth doing, how well it has been done, and whether it is worth seeing-and of course these judgments must be supported with evidence.


Larry Strickland was born in Florala, Alabama in 1948. He attended Troy State University upon completion of high school and was drafted into the Army as an Illustrator during the Vietnam War. After the war, Strickland chose to further his career in art at the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida, where he graduated at the top of his class. He later returned to Troy State to complete his degree in 1984. Strickland has shown extensively throughout the United States in solo and group exhibitions. His works have been acquired by a long list of art patrons and private collectors throughout the world. He’s had work accepted for the American Watercolor Society Exhibit in New York and has been accepted for exhibition in various shows such as The Jean Lake Memorial Art Show, The Greater New Orleans International Art Exhibit, and The Kentuck Festival.

Strickland sculpts primarily in weathered wood, using bone, copper, shell, deer horn and precious metals as symbolic accents. He’s also well-known for his whimsical cityscape paintings which focus on the old architecture of Southeastern cities. Strickland is also an artist of the written word, writing poetry that at times is inspired by his sculptures.

On the campus of Troy University, Strickland is known for his 9-foot-tall bronze Trojan Warrior sculpture which soars about the Academic Quad on campus, which was finished in 2004.

Strickland can be found working at his workshop, surrounded by driftwood and outdoor in-process sculptures, or in the Strickland Gallery in downtown Florala, where one can purchase or admire his art.


Driftwood, heart pine, bones and stones – what once was discarded by nature, a product of her elements and testament of power, is brought back to life by Larry Strickland through the form of sculpture.

Sticks and Stones features a collection of sculptures which are composed of materials Strickland has encountered in nature. His artistic vision co-exists with the destructive effects nature has inflicted upon the materials, celebrating their movement and imperfection by incorporating them into the sculpture’s design. Strickland sees in each lifeless piece of wood he stumbles upon the representation of life’s cycle – birth, life, death, and re-birth through the artist’s vision.

attached is the basic information of the exhibition and the works that need to be told.

school ART 3350 description 2 pages, Double Spacing account_balance Troy University

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